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    Stocking Up

    Two months ago, during our last snow storm, I went out and bought a pressure cooker so that I could start making and storing my own stock. As a bit of a health nut, commercial stock drives me nuts because it’s so salty that after I eat anything with it, I’m immediately tempted to go and drink a gallon of water. So being able to make my own is cool, but it’s far too much effort to make some every time I want to use some.

    Yesterday it snowed again, so apparently it was time to make stock:

    My Beloved moved in with two very, very large pots that are perfect for this. They are so large that they do not actually fit into any of our cabinets.

    Recipe (Golden Veggie Stock):

    – Take lots of old veg (onions, mushrooms, carrots, parsnips and the like) and a sweet potato or two. Boil with some nice spices, like oregano and rosemary. (Think Italian). I like to make sure I have an actual fennel in there, as it’s a nice strong flavor. After the veggies have boiled the flavor out of them (about an hour), strain out the veggie parts.
    – This leaves a very pale golden stock, but it’ll darken during the canning process.
    – Can according to the pressure cooker’s instructions. In my case, this means 11 pounds of pressure for 20 minutes for the big jars and 25 minutes for the small. (I obviously need to invest in more big jars. Who ever needs a quart of stock?)

    The last time I did this, I did about half the amount, with twice the amount of veg. From initial taste tests, I completely overdid it last time – and then I ran out of stock within a month because I actually had good stock to use, so I used it in everything.

    The whole canning process does take a while, since I can only do so many jars at a time, but it makes you feel so incredibly cool and independent. Take that, commercial food corporations.