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A Thing That Happened

Sometime in the middle of the month, I wrote THE END on the first draft of my novel, THE MOZART GIRL.

It’s a biopic about Nannerl Mozart and yes, there is a tremendous amount of work to do yet, and I am getting ready to jump with both feet into the revisions now that Christmas has passed.

I’m excited.

This is the first completed novel that I’ve written as an adult and it has been a long and meandering journey to do it. I’ve already learned so much about what to do next time, because it has taken me three times as long as it should have to complete what I have. I’ll be throwing out a lot of material, since it’s about twice as long as it ought to be, but I love that, because it means that what I keep will be improved for it.

It’s the time of year where we set our resolutions and intentions for the new year and there can only be one for me, which is to finish the damn novel already. I took my first steps in this story line four years ago, though the story that I began to write back then was a completely different story arc from the one I settled on. But I have been thinking about the Mozart family for half a decade now and I am, dare I say it, pleased with where the work has taken me.

This is a book that has been written in the margins of my life, in the crevices formed between other obligations, in the hours after bedtime and before the work day, in the minutes stolen between the endless march of all my other responsibilities. And it has been written in dribs and drabs, sometimes in little spurts of energy, and sometimes in long months of sustained effort that have required sacrificing personal relationships as I raced to a word count that was both arbitrary and exhausting.

2016 and 2017 were the years I researched my novel. 2018 was the year that I wrote it. 2019 is the year in which I remold it until it is fit to be shown to the world. And then, what will happen then? Will I finally believe that this is a thing that I can do?


  • ccyager

    Congratulations! I’ve been working on the first revision of my second novel. In the process, I’ve learned even more than I did with the first novel. May the learning never end! The joy is in the journey….

  • Marc Kuhn

    May you wallow in your success knowing that the last period has been put in its place and your journey has arrived at its destination…now to unpack things and put them in their proper place. When you are done-done there will be a feeling of euphoria, but also a bit of a void. The latter eventually is filled with your next effort. In the meantime, congratulations…the canary sings!

  • Julie Christine

    I love this! Congratulations-what a glorious feeling to have finished that first, precious draft. Enjoy revising, molding, sculpting this novel – the joy is seeing what it will become. You inspire me!

  • Marc Kuhn

    May you wallow in your success. It is a tremendous feeling to reach that final period and know that the journey has arrived at its destination…now, only to unpack and settle in so everything is in the right place and “fits.” When it is done-done there will be euphoria…but deep inside a bit of a void. This will eventually be filled with your next effort! In the meantime, congratulations, the canary sings!

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