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Human Moments, No. 2

There is a line around the corner for the world’s smallest Dunkin Donuts. The people in it are 9-5ers quietly engaged in their own world of iPhones and Kindles while they wait their turn for lattes and muffins.

Across a narrow side walk, a man with long gray dreadlocks sits on a piece of cardboard, resting his head against the faded blue fire hydrant.  A tall, thick man, dressed in khakis and a butt on down shirt for his day in the office, speaks to him, as an iced coffee sweats in his hand.

“Man,” he says with a deep laugh.  “It’s been a long time since I’ve been as drunk as you are right now.”

The man on the ground smiles and claps his hands in joy.


  • ccyager

    These human moments trigger memories of encounters I’ve had on the street or at bus stops. I find them oddly invigorating! Thanks for posting them. Cinda

    • Charlotte

      Thanks, Cinda! They are just a little writing practice for me (find a story in a small observed event), but I sure am enjoying writing them.

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