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cherished-blogfest1As part of the Cherished blogfest, I thought I would invite everyone to look at the full list of bloggers that are participating.  The personal blog has very much declined (just ask any expert) and I am delighted to see so many new Internet people come together to connect.  I’ve been browsing the list and have already discovered some new-to-me blogs that are fascinating.

I am just the right age to really remember the personal blog as a dominant force on the Internet.  Social media has really come together to offer a lot of advantages to the world, but there’s a deep part of me that waxes nostalgic for the days of diary-x and Livejournal.  (I even lost a few years worth of blogging in the great diary-x hard drive crash, for true Internet street cred.)  I am as much of a Facebook addict as anyone else, because it offers me an easy way to connect with my giant — and geographically-dispersed — family, but it is not the same.  Microposts have their place, but I miss reading the thoughtful journaling of so many people that don’t blog any more.

This brings me back to the Cherished goal — on the weekend of July 25th, all participants will post a short post an object that’s meaningful to them.   I had to do a lot of thinking for mine, but I think I’ve finally settled on what I want to share with you.  I can’t wait to see what the other participants come up with.

See you then —


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