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Alice Munro

alice_munroAlice Munro was announced the winner of the Nobel Prize in literature today.  It’s a hefty prize, with a 1.2 million dollar award, given to a writer for lifetime achievement.  It really couldn’t have gone to a better writer – her literary chops are among the best out there.  There are many biographies published today.

I am very pleased with the choice.  It is a wonderful thing to see a writer who has created such beautiful art for so many years be so prestigiously honored.  When I think about Munro’s work, I get an image most of all of a gray sky and and a gentle moodiness – the remote and wild beauty that her characters move around in.  She is often spoken about for her loving way of presenting her characters without judgment.  I first encountered her in a college classroom and the mood of that first story has always stuck with me.

If you don’t know her work, try Amundsen and tell me what you think.

Congrats to you, Alice Munro. You deserve it.

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