End of Term

I have been hectic over the past few weeks working on my first term paper for graduate school.  I am one week from finishing up my first semester, which was a quiet one, since I only took one class.  I’m glad that I took the first semester slowly, as the course was on linguistics, which is something that I haven’t studied before, and the term paper required a page count of 14-18 pages, which is a longest piece of academic writing that I’ve had to do since high school.  (Erm, shame on you, undergrad university.)  For the first time since high school, I’ve had to really work for my grade, which has been a great challenge.

Now that I’ve turned the paper in, I find myself with time on my hands.  The weather has turned, which means that I have the urge to KNIT SWEATERS RIGHT NOW.  Sweaters aren’t a very useful project, as they require a lot of time to complete, and next term begins in early September.  Nonetheless, I have begun a sweater anyway and am trying to make as much progress on it as I can before my classes start.  Time will be precious again then.

Time is a funny thing.  So often in my life time gets scrunched up and it feels like I can never find enough of it.  Then I’ll complete some major goal that was the priority and then it feels like I have so much time on my hands that I can’t force myself to concentrate on anything.

Writers talk about this a lot, because writing is hard work, so it’s common to use time as your excuse to not write.  We have to find time, which generally impossible, so then we have to make time.  And right now I am being particularly bad about this, because I have so much time that all I can do is wonder what I might do with it, in which case all I can seem able to do is waste time.

Perhaps it’s okay to waste a little, in the breathing space between semesters.  But today I am practicing butt-in-chair, because there are a few writing submissions that I want to make, which means I need to polish a few pieces that I want to submit.  If you see me anywhere other than with my rear in my chair, please remind me of the preciousness of time.  I’ve probably forgotten.

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