City of Angels

I am in Los Angeles for a lightning business trip this weekend. I was sent here to do an operating system upgrade on our switch infrastructure here, as well as to add a few more switches into the mix. Because it’s work that requires taking down our network, my physical presence was required.

It’s a tiring, but rewarding thing, when work like this goes well. There’s a part of me that really loves that I can be sent across the country to build a data center on my own. Problems inevitably come up, but I have enough experience now that I can handle them. If I were a RPG character, I’d be well into my evolution to superhero. It’s a nice feeling.

The downside is that there’s massive stress in the week leading up to the trip. Part of the work involves very special, very expensive cables. The whole thing could fail if I forget one or ordered the wrong length or something. There’s no store that you can visit to buy a replacement – and it can take a week or more to get another one. For a brief moment when I first arrived, I thought I had botched this, but I had forgotten that I was going to be reassigning some cables that were already in place.

After weeks of anxiety (and the attendant dreams) and preparation and coordination, everything went fine. I have at least a few hours of work ahead of me if all goes well with some general clean-up and inventory, since I’m standing here, but the hard work is already done. I can, at last, relax, knowing that the big scary thing has passed. When I finally fell into bed around 3 a.m. this morning, it was with a giant sigh of relief at a stressor removed.

It’s a cold but muggy day this morning in Los Angeles, but a good one. Much is happening and much that is happening is good.

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