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Team Beyonce

I admit that I did not watch the Superbowl and the only part of that that I regret was not seeing Beyonce’s performance at the halftime show. I watched it the next day on Youtube, because I watched Facebook turn into a big furor about her. There was a rough division between Team Beyonce and Team What-Is-Beyonce-Doing-To-Our-Children?

It brings up an interesting question. When I see Beyonce in this clip, I see a strong and powerful woman who could probably stand to put on a longer skirt. But it’s not the pornography I would have been expecting to see based on the reaction. (And it is not, say, singing about taking your clothes off, then having a “wardrobe malfunction”, oh, other superbowl performers…) I think she’s pretty amazing – to have the fitness to be able to move like that on a stage and also sing like Beyonce is the result of a lot of damn hard work. When I look at her, I don’t see an object – I see a triumphant woman who has worked extraordinarily hard at doing what she loves and is enjoying her success. I see a role model.

I also can’t help but notice that she was wearing more clothes than the cheerleaders, so Beyonce probably isn’t the first place to start criticizing if you’re looking to discuss the objectification of women in football culture. Beyonce was there in her own right, with a fit and strong body in a dance costume and enormous musical talent on top of it.

Team Beyonce, all the way. And if you’re worried your children are getting the wrong message, do me a favor and shield their eyes from the cheerleaders too, hey?

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