The Gtab

      I’m writing this post from a new toy, which means I am typing rather slower than usual, or perhaps rather faster than usual, given that the only appendages in use are my thumbs and all they ordinarily have to do is slam the space bar in a very impressive and, if I’m lucky in my keyboard, noisy fashion.  So really, this is going much faster than it ought.

I took a Cisco test this weekend, so have been busy pushing obscure facts about BGP in my head for a few weeks.  I passed, which renewed my CCNP for three years, so I decided to celebrate by replacing my ZaReason Ubuntu netbook with a Viewsonic GTablet, which being the cheapskate that I am, I bought second-hand off Ebay.  I gave the netbook to our House Teenager, thus fulfilling my linux nerd quota of forcing others to use an operating system they’ve never heard of.

I will make a nerd of him yet.

The Gtablet runs Android, which I admit to a certain nerdly interest in, though mostly because I just have to play with new stuff.  The fun part of this is that people go off and write their own ROMs, so the look and feel of your tablet can vary quite a lot.  So can its functionality, so swapping around ROMs is not for the faint of heart.  There was a moment earlier today where my Gtablet lost its internal hard drive, which was my fault.  So I found it again.  This may not be an experience that everyone enjoys, but I sure do.

The ROM that the Gtab ships with begins by having you set up your account in a group called Family, which would indicate that I’m supposed to share my new toy.  Clearly a fundamental misunderstanding, so it just had to go.

I started with Vegan Ginger, but couldn’t access the Android market and, as we all know, it is all about the apps.  I bought it with the intention of being able to get more writing done and to take better advantage of my long train commute.  (So far, so good.) So I’ve been playing with productivity apps, like list makers and WordPress and simple writing editors.  All of which I’ll be using.  But I also found an app where I get to raise sheep and throw them around.  I’m a knitter and a spinner, I just can’t help myself.

Although my Gtab and me are still in the honeymoon phase, I can tell we’re going to last.  The netbook never really worked for me the way I’d hoped because I primarily want to use it on my commute, which is an hour long train ride.  It only had an hour long battery life if I kept the wifi off and the form factor didn’t work well for being scrunched up in a seat with a stranger sitting right next to you.  The tablet is a little more public to work on, but by being smaller and working on a touch screen with a normal size keyboard, is actually easier to use.  And the apps are there to help streamline the process.  Ahh, the apps.

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