Vogue Knitting 2012

Just like last year, I started this year by going to Vogue Knitting with a hacking cough and taking a class, while wishing all the time to be drawing significantly less attention than I was.

But I was signed up for Franklin Habit’s Photographing Your Fiber class and I was *not* going to be missing that. (Also, I am cheap.) The class was excellent and informative, with a good grounding in photography basics. I already knew the basics of photography, the aperture and shutter speed bits and that photographing is quite literally recording light, but I’ve really struggled with how to take good photography of my fiber projects when I have no north facing windows and only see my house in daylight in the winter months on the weekends. He had some great suggestions. He also had a light tent. Now I desperately want a light tent, so that will be next weekend’s project.

I took the picture above in the class in the lightbox; it’s also my latest handspun, which is yarn that I’d actually like to knit with. I’m getting a lot better, though I’m not sure what I want to knit with this. It’s a nice change from my normal mode of putting the project on my gray driveway on cloudy weekend days. Color saturation will always be a problem, so his advice was not to worry about it. I am proceeding to not worry. See me not worry.

The yarn is green. Really.

I went to a lecture by Debbie Bliss, which was not what I expected. I thought it was going to be about customizing knitting patterns to your body, or at least in picking designs that will suit your figure type. It was more of a marketing event for Debbie Bliss, in which she proved to us that she does have very many nice patterns indeed. The sum up of useful information is that knitwear stretches a lot, so negative ease is fine as long as there’s a good fit in the shoulders. Also, A lines under the bust suit just about everybody.

Fortunately, I was feeling so ill that I left having purchased only 9 balls of yarn and four ounces of llama. It’s not my fault; the llama was local to Long Island, so I was just supporting local farming and I had to. Also, it is llama. LLllllllamma.

I am still quite sick, but I did finish a hat this weekend for the Man, who has such a big melon that he’s never had a hat that fit properly before. In fact, I couldn’t find any patterns for hats that would fit his head, so I had to make one up. It actually fits and he likes it a lot, though he is a very impatient model. (Franklin warned us about that too. He’s a genius.)

He likes it so much that he’s decided I’ll be knitting one for his brother. Ahem.

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