Yes, it’s Monday, but it’s a holiday, so it’s *like* a Sunday.  You see.  It’s also snowing, which made me want to make a tropical drink.  My favorite liquor is, by far, Appleton rum.  Aside from the fact that it’s irreversably twined up with the Caribbean and good times in my mind, which means summer, which means happiness, it’s sweet and nommy.

We had some cranberry juice in the house, so I went for a Loco, which is not really all that crazy, despite the name.  You take a highball and fill it with ice and line up all the ingredients for their class picture:

And then you drink that pretty baby down:

Well, it might be cold and snowy outside, but it’s a tropical storm in my tummy. Nom nom. The prevalent tastes are the cranberry juice and the peach schnapps, which mingle for a very sweet and sour sort of taste. Bring on the summer; I’m ready.

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