Meet Kir

This week, I made two drinks; one a giant punch that I took absolutely no photos of before the hordes that it was made for destroyed it and the other being a drink called a Kir. The punch is called Strawberry Cup and is made with fresh strawberries marinated in a strawberry liqueur. After about half an hour, you add two bottles of dry white wine and two bottles of sparkling wine, like champagne. Mostly it tasted like champagne, which I’m not a huge fan of, but as the punch lasted about twenty minutes, it clearly was a hit. I would have liked more strawberry flavor, particularly since the strawberry liquor is one of the more expensive liquors I’ve added to the collection ($40 for a 750 ml bottle). We still have most of the bottle left, so just an initial investment.

Kirs, on the other hand, came to mind because I had a third of a bottle of white wine in the fridge that will spoil soon if I don’t drink it. So here’s a drink after my own heart – a leftover. Kirs are named after a man named Canon Felix Kir, who was the mayor of Dijon, France in the 1850s. He served a drink made of crème de cassis (black-currant liqueur) and dry white wine in order to promote the wine, which was called Bourgogne Aligoté and from the region. Of course, following recipes is boring and I didn’t have any crème de cassis, so I made it with Chambord instead, a raspberry liquor in the same spirit.

Soon, I had friends.

The drink is, after all, quite light and easy to make. It’s fruit flavored wine – as a dedicated merlot drinker, it’s hard to go wrong. My friends thought so too.

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