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Our wedding planning progresses and I am feeling a lot more optimistic today. The only thing we’re focusing on at all right now is finding a place to have the damn thing, which is probably going to be the hardest decision. We initially went to The Coral House, primarily because it was a place we’d driven by a number of times. It was nice enough, but it coalesced several things that we didn’t want for our wedding all together, so it was a little dispiriting as a first attempt. We want privacy and an outdoor space, even though we’re going to be married in the autumn. We want really awesome food. The Coral House puts on a number of events at a time, so privacy was out. Our rep there had a look of terror on her face when I said I was vegetarian, which isn’t a good sign for the food, although the fiancé enjoyed the samples they cooked for us. (Meat in heavy sauce after meat in heavy sauce.) It is on the water, but the lake it’s on is a public park, which definitely invites potential unwanted guests, like people walking their dogs. Not the worst, but just not what we had in mind.

After that experience, I went searching for historic homes that put on weddings, because houses older than mine are awesome. Today we went for an open house at the Timber Point Mansion, which was the sort of place where I could actually see myself getting married. Suddenly my attitude turned around completely. Last week I saw the wedding as a stupid hassle — tonight as I stood under the pergola where the ceremonies take place, I got actual shivers. I could sort of see myself as a bride, which isn’t the easiest thing for me. I did not grow up dreaming about a wedding day. I can see myself as an old married lady, but…a bride? That’s just way too much satin and lace and fuss to have anything to do with me. I’m not much a fan of being in the spotlight.

Now I’m tempted to spend the evening poring over websites of wedding vendors and looking at cakes and figuring out how the heck to get a chocolate fountain in my house, because those are seriously cool and I want one. The fiancé suggests that we don’t need one, which is clearly crazy town.

Also, I didn’t see a single sign of these ridiculous chairs, which are my instant sign that a venue is the wrong one for me:

Dignity, people, dignity.

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