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My new love

For $40, I bought myself a mandolin and have been having a blast.  It’s basically a violin that’s played like a guitar, so the learning curve has been pretty reasonable considering my years of playing the fiddle.

And for those that don’t take it seriously, the mandolin is, in fact, awesome.  Just not precisely when I play it.  Yet.

We have another snow storm coming on, which is our fourth in as many weeks.  It’s a very snowy January, even by New York standards.  I admit that I kind of like the perpetual snow, since it’s not something I’ve ever really experienced before.  It seems to provide a reason for the relentless cold, even though I have now reached the “oooh, it’s a nice and warm 30F day today!” part of winter.  This storm is a little strange in that it’s also raining, so we have a perpetual mix of ice and snow and….lightning.  It’s bizarre, but everyone’s at home and I have my mandolin and my wheel to keep me company.  And a pumpkin pie.

Let it pellet, let it pellet, let it pellet.

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