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Blue Mist

Are we drinking again? And mid-week? Normally, I’m not a fan of midweek drinking in your kitchen, but some weeks just demand it and this has definitely been one. Also, I needed an excuse to play more with blue curaçao, because it turns your food blue. For serious. How awesome is that? BLUE FOOD.

Also, we had some orange juice and I needed some vitamin C, so I made Blue Mists, which were pretty much a bomb. Not recommended – nothing special in them at all. Just cream, orange juice, white rum and my beloved curaçao.

And the drink, slightly tested. That’s the cream that leaves behind all the evidence. To be honest, that’s about all we had between the two of us – it was too strong and really needed a martini glass. We really need to invest in a better glassware set to support this hobby.

Something like these? Note for the wedding registry?

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