Yesterday afternoon, I got a pleasant surprise at work.  Rather than wait until my laptop is supposed to be replaced in January, I was given an almost new upgrade that was originally intended for a new employee that decided he couldn’t deal with Mac OSX.  So I am now typing from a very shiny new laptop that is essentially my old laptop with newer hardware and a prettier screen.  (Yippie, 400 GB additional of disk space!)

The upgrade has gone really smoothly, which was kind of a revelation to me, since that never happens.  I was using Time Machine on the old MacBook Pro to an external hard drive.  While I formatted and put a fresh install of Mac OSX on the new laptop, I ran a final backup on the old one.  I connected the backup drive to my new computer and ran a Time Machine import and….everything *just worked*.  I have had one problem with Aperture, which includes the volume name in the pathing of its files, but a quick Google search put me to rights again.  (Select all of your photos, then go to File –> Locate Referenced Files.  Select one file and then locate it manually on your hard drive.  Click “Reconnect All” and wait.)

My programs are all configured as they were, my shortcuts are in place.  Quicken, despite its usage of resource forks, works.  Unfortunately, the messy assortment of my data is also over in its chaotic glory, so there’s a project to be done today.  Still, I am very impressed.  Apple hardware is kind of scandalously expensive, but you’re paying for some really quality software in that price.

So really, if you’re not using Time Machine yet, do.  I’m impressed.

I’ve been putting some thought into replacing my cell lately, since after two years the Home button isn’t as responsive as it used to be and the whole device has become frustratingly sluggish and I’m due for an upgrade.  I installed the latest iPhone update this morning and it does seem to have picked up the pace again, so perhaps it was just a question of cruft buildup.  Still, I’ve been looking into some of the other phones on the market as a potential.  My phone must be a smartphone with MP3 support and have GPS functionality built in.  I really like the App store and its potential, so that’s another consideration.  I’m certainly interested in Android, like a good geek.  Anyone have recent phone experiences that can help me make up my mind?

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