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Hollyhock Fiber Festival

This weekend I went to the Hallockville Fiber Festival, which is an excuse for knitters and spinners and other fiber nuts to get together and swap stories and goods. It was held at the Hallockville Museum Farm, which is an old farm with dedicated buildings to weaving and spinning. I watched a demonstration on weaving, which I’m afraid I have a terrible interest in, and a demonstration on fiber punching, which is something I don’t. But it was still pretty interesting to watch bits of fiber turn into actual sculpture.

There’s a whole lot that can be done with the fleece of a sheep.

There were a gazillion spinning wheels, which was terribly tempting, because I rather badly want to get into spinning. I just can’t pick up another hobby right now, but I think that I will get one this winter, once the kayaks are put away. There’s just something so peaceful about the motion. I imagine I could find it equally as compulsive as I find knitting.

But the day was gorgeous and being out in the country, while still on the same island I live on, was really quite wonderful. Even if it did mean adding to my yarn collection, which was not even remotely necessary.

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