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The dreambrain

Last night I dreamed of knitting as a type of personal hell; the stitch was stockinette, which references a project I’ve been working on that makes me dislike knitting.  Stockinette, stockinette, rows and rows of endless, never changing stockinette.

But stockinette is the perfect stitch for dreams.  In dreams, your brain often goes over the same thing repeatedly to help you process and solve problems.  Most dreams are actually quite boring, which is part of why you don’t remember having them — just like stockinette!

I’ve picked up another knitting project to keep me sane that is lace knitting, which is the polar opposite of stockinette.  It makes me like knitting a lot more.  I’m a challenge knitter, which is to say that if the project isn’t frustratingly difficult, I really can’t be bothered.  Some people like rows and rows of stockinette, but it’s purgatory to me.  It makes me feel like I’m running and running and getting nowhere, which is kind of what dreams are about.  Except that it actually does get you somewhere, because you wake up with the answers to things you were thinking about the night before.

Isn’t the human brain neat?

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