Raging Aging

Well, happy belated birthday to me!

I had the loveliest of birthdays last Saturday. The weather was lovely and I started the day with a yoga class, lounged about a bit, made ice cream with the new Kitchen Aid, then went to dinner with a couple of people that I like very much. Drinks were had, then bed in a fancy hotel. It was all pretty swank and relaxing.

However, my body seems to have gotten the message that I’m no longer as young as I was last week. I went to the dentist and heard the phrase “bone and gum loss” for the first time in my life. I also appear to have two cavities.

All of this would be less exciting if I had dental insurance, but alas, I don’t. I’ve been going to the NYU School of Dentistry, which has some very bright student dentists-to-be. Unfortunately, it just takes an awfully long time to get things done, since the students have to get approval from the dentists they work with, so I’ll have another visit in a few weeks and then be all sorted.

But the body is not behaving the way I feel like it should. This bird is getting old.

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