It’s September 11th, ten years after the event. There’s so much that’s been written about this that I couldn’t dare, even if I wanted to. But I find that I don’t want to – that day was horrible enough to live through the first time. Perhaps it’s cowardly of me, but I can’t stand to […]

Healthcare, Morality, WWJD

At the moment, it is clear that the big U.S.ian political issue is health care. I’ve been talking to a lot of people about it – and one of the most bizarre arguments that I’ve heard in a long time is the idea that human beings have to earn their right to go to a […]

Ethical Clothing

I’m not much of a clothes shopper, which is evidenced by the fact that my wardrobe has gotten into a pretty sad state. I’ve been slowly trying to remedy this, which is hard to do when you hate shopping as much as I do. Also, in this go around of trying to replenish my wardrobe, […]


Yesterday I was at a burger joint down by Wall Street. Being a vegetarian, it’s not a place that I go into often, but I was with a bunch of coworkers. We got to the board with the specials and they had a Presidential Burger. “Oh boy,” thinks I. Then I started reading the ingredients. […]


President Obama apparently reads this blog. Well, hey, it’s a start, though I do wonder when we’re going to stop our crusade to make every country a democracy. I am a fan of democracy, but I’m also a fan of not killing people.

Who Is the Middle Class?

Is it just me, or is the Obama Administration really irking you with their focus on the middle class? I’d like to think that they see a classist society where there is an upper class and a middle class and no lower, since that’s how they’re acting, but I suspect it’s more of a “we […]

The Economy: We’re All Doomed

I’m not sure if this is national news or not, but here in NYC, we’re seeing two hospital closings in Queens as a result of financial difficulty. In addition to the horrors of even fewer medical facilities in Queens (and, having lived in Queens for five years, I sadly have some personal experience with this), […]

Womyns’ Communities

An article on lesbian separatist communities that I found interesting. I’ve been thinking a lot about communities of women (of all sexual orientations) because of the novel I’m reading, The Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett. It is really, really good. It’s about a home for unwed mothers run by the Catholic church (and […]

Cuba Embraces the Penguin

Cuba officially supports Linux now, which is pretty rocking from both an open source perspective and a “gosh, American policies regarding Cuba are so beyond stupid” standpoint. The plane we were on from Montego Bay was delayed rather significantly by a sick passenger. We had to go back to the gate and let her off, […]