I do actually still knit

It’s true. I have been knitting. What I haven’t been doing is taking pictures of my knitting, so here’s a few. I have my first handspun project that doesn’t stand up by itself. The fiber was 100% alpaca, which I bought at SOAR this year. I had four ounces of it, which didn’t quite give […]

Narragansett Sweater, Creative Angst

I never posted pictures of the Narragansett sweater that I made.  The design is Thea Coleman, who is BabyCocktails on Ravelry.  This was, like most of my sweater pattern choices, a quick knit. I think I made it in about two weeks.  It should be understood that I spend two hours a day commuting on […]

A handspun bag

My obsession with my Gtab continues; so I used the opportunity of needing a case for it to use up some of my early handspun yarns. Lately I seem to be too impatient to bother with finding other people’s patterns,so I just sort of made it up as I went along.  I knew that I […]

Vogue Knitting 2012

Just like last year, I started this year by going to Vogue Knitting with a hacking cough and taking a class, while wishing all the time to be drawing significantly less attention than I was. But I was signed up for Franklin Habit’s Photographing Your Fiber class and I was *not* going to be missing […]

2011 Holidays

Christmas was a quiet affair filled with good friends and family, which is what it’s all about. I made out with some very thoughtful loot and ate slightly more than my body weight in cookies. But I have prevailed; the cookies are all dead. In my belly. I enjoy the week between Christmas and New […]

December String

I’ve been very distracted lately, because I’ve discovered Librivox, which is a collection of public domain audiobook recordings. For free. This means that I can knit and have someone read Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy and Charlotte Bronte to me. If you don’t know about it, go now and download the books you always wished […]


It’s September 11th, ten years after the event. There’s so much that’s been written about this that I couldn’t dare, even if I wanted to. But I find that I don’t want to – that day was horrible enough to live through the first time. Perhaps it’s cowardly of me, but I can’t stand to […]

A quickie….blanket

Last week, I finished my second baby blanket, which is the termination of a wee experiment of mine. I knitting my first baby blanket entirely in stockinette stitch (note: do not do this), which most people ooh and ahh over because it has a zillion colors. I’m not an expert, but I’ve been told babies […]