A Stone, A Tree, A Memory

When I was fourteen, I went to live with my father in Scotland for a month.  He had been stationed there for some time, but this was my first trip to Europe.  I was beyond excited to finally go to a country that I had romanticized since birth. Being a moody fourteen year old that […]

Easter Passes Me Over

I have been off of work for the last week, as Baba’s day care has been closed for the Passover and Easter holidays.  Not being a Christian nor a Jew means that this mostly turns into another one of of those holidays where everyone seems to need to be somewhere, but I’m not entirely certain […]

Cancer Sucks: A Goodbye

I had a dream the other night about a woman who was coming after my family.  She was long haired and thin and she kept knocking on the door to our house, which kept opening, over and over and over.  I tried relentlessly, but I was powerless to stop her as she walked in and […]

Hesitating Before the Dive

There is a moment in Olympic diving that every diver takes as they walk out to compete on the world stage.  They climb up to the diving board, then breathe in deep and square their shoulders.  After this moment, they walk out confidently onto the board, which bounces predictably beneath their weight, the way it […]

Human Moments, No. 11

Baba stands up in her sleep sack and balances precariously on the rocking chair.  She reaches out for the light, which I have just switched back on in order to let her turn it off again.  She twists the switch, then settles again in my lap and throws her head back into mine. “What song […]

Human Moments, No. 10

“I think that we’re the bourgeoisie.” “The what now?” “You know.  Like Lenin and the Communist Revolution.  The great experiment of the proletariat overthrowing the bourgeoisie.  I think we’re the bourgeoisie.  We’re the bad guys.  Look at this house.” “…..yeeeeeeeaaaah?”  My Beloved’s eyebrows wag. “We have two bedrooms we don’t even use.” “They’re guest rooms.” “Exactly.” […]

May You Live in Interesting Times

This is not a great time to be a sensitive person walking the world. I’ve read a number of lovely blog posts that are clinging to hope, despite the dark and interesting times that our new administration seems to have put us in.  I’ve read poems and shared in the general outcry of the many, […]

2016: A Year in Books

Historical Fiction Mozart’s Sister, A.M. Baud The Sympathizer, Viet Thanh Nguyen War Brides, Helen Bryan At the Edge of the Orchard, Tracy Chevalier The Japanese Lover, Isabel Allende The Master Butcher’s Singing Club, Louise Erdich Belgravia, Julian Fellowes Mozart’s Sister, Rita Charbonnier Perhaps it is the events of 2016 that have thrown me into a desire to […]

The Dark Days of Winter

These are dark days. I mean that literally and figuratively; the winter solstice is, after all, upon us.  I am headed towards Manhattan in a grey and bleak morning that has barely lifted into day.  It’s raining, just enough to make me seem strange without an umbrella, but not enough to inspire me to take […]