Was I Ever So Young?

This is the time to remember Cause it will not last forever These are the days To hold on to But we won’t Although we’ll want to (Billy Joel — “This is the Time”) I’ve been doing some organizational work with my computing lately, as long-time readers of the blog may have noticed.  As part […]

Illness and the Circus

I fell, almost immediately on our return from Europe, into the flu for a week, which has been followed by bronchitis.  I am getting better, day by day, but it’s been such an interruption of my life that March feels like it didn’t really happen and the beginning of April has already passed me by.  […]


Like a good part of the country, we experienced abnormally cold temperatures early this week.  The coldest we felt was about -17F with the wind chill, which doesn’t compare to a good part of the rest of the country, but is cold enough for your breath to get your scarf wet enough that it will […]

Yoga: Push and Pull

I joined a yoga studio seven months ago, and I realized earlier this week that yoga has finally become a habit. I am generally not all that motivated about exercise as I have all the natural athleticism of a particularly ungraceful sloth, but yoga has managed to fit a niche for me, because it is […]

The Committment

I signed up this week for a year long membership to the yoga studio that I have been flirting with on and off for the last year.  It is a vinyasa yoga studio and the classes are hard.  The teachers do seem to be very focused on getting you to a place where you can […]


I know that it’s a big debate whether people are really extroverts or introverts, even though nearly everyone knows their status on the Meyers-Briggs test. But regardless of the science of it, I’ve always found the idea to be a useful designation for understanding myself. Name it what you will, but I need downtime to […]

Vinyasa Adjustment

I went to a yoga class last week for the first time in six months.  Yoga has been a huge part of my adult life and I deeply love it and have learned much of how I cope with the disappointments of the world from it.  So, once again, I am mystified at how it […]

Eye See

Last night I went to the optometrist for the first time in two years.  When I walked in the door, the entire staff greeted me like they remembered me.  I was put off by such apparent falsity, until it became clear that they really did remember me, not for my charm or grace, but because […]

I would wear more sunblock

Last weekend was one of the busiest weekends of my life, in which I was barely able to accomplish half of what I wanted to do.  (Clearly I ought to learn how to set realistic expectations.) My house had gotten to a point of distress, so I spent the Saturday not just cleaning, but also […]