A Stone, A Tree, A Memory

When I was fourteen, I went to live with my father in Scotland for a month.  He had been stationed there for some time, but this was my first trip to Europe.  I was beyond excited to finally go to a country that I had romanticized since birth. Being a moody fourteen year old that […]

Cancer Sucks: A Goodbye

I had a dream the other night about a woman who was coming after my family.  She was long haired and thin and she kept knocking on the door to our house, which kept opening, over and over and over.  I tried relentlessly, but I was powerless to stop her as she walked in and […]

Gunshot Confessions

In 1992, my mother really liked Denzel Washington. Like, really really liked him.  She liked him enough that when a movie studio was recruiting for extras for a scene in The Pelican Brief, she signed herself right up.  To our great amusement, she was assigned to be in a crowd protesting gun control. I can’t […]

Goodbye to a friend

I’ve been procrastinating writing here because my last post was about the death of pets and the only blog I can write now is about the death of another. Last Tuesday, we came home to discover that Mushu, my fourteen year old cat, had passed away sometime during the day. Himself found her outside by […]

The Missing

One of the great joys in my life is cohabitation with a very particular animal.  Nearly three foot long from yellow eyes to rump, with a classic tabby coat and  a lanky and expressive tail that often crooks at the tip like a question mark, Nevyn has now graced my doorstep for the better part […]